Whatever Happened to Ro-Man?

A SCSC 3D Reality TV Special Report

by Ray Zone

On March 13, 2009 a team of SCSC 3D filmmakers began shooting Whatever Happened to Ro-Man? a short 3D film that I wrote and directed. SCSC 3D Reality TV anchorman John E. Hart announced a field report with Phyllis Tucker (Heidi Fielek) from North Hollywood where the famous 50s 3D movie star Ro-Man was interviewed at his home.

Reporter Phyllis Tucker (Heidi Fielek) interviews famous 50s 3D movie star Ro-Man at his home

Ro-Man is famous for his appearance as the "monster" in the feature length 3D movie Robot Monster directed by Phil Tucker and released in 1953. Robot Monster has since become a cult film and won the coveted "Golden Turkey" award in the motion picture world. But even though he later garnered that accolade, Ro-Man was not able to find any additional work as an actor despite auditioning for roles in Forbidden Planet from MGM and Gorilla at Large (in 3D) at Fox after starring in Robot Monster.

The reporter asks Ro-Man for his autograph during the interview.

In a revealing interview with Phyllis Tucker, Ro-Man discusses some of his challenges and frustrations in attempting to secure roles as a working actor in Hollywood. Did you know that Ro-Man is a collector of 3D comic books? Shocking revelations about the theft of his head by an avid science fiction collector named Bob Burns are disclosed by Ro-Man in this eye opening interview.

Here are a series of production stills in 3D showing the making of this Special SCSC 3D Reality TV report.

Ro-Man considerately claps the slate for 3D DP Tom Koester filming with the dual Canon TX1 pair of cameras.

Science fiction collector Bob Burns is surprised in his basement by Ro-Man.

Tom Koester's dual JVC beam/splitter rig has a unique 3D preview solution.

1st AC Dave Gregory assists Koester in setting up 3D rig

California John E. Hart (anchorman) with field reporter Phyllis Tucker (Heidi Fielek).

Writer/director Ray Zone with 1st AD Shannon Benna.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon is just one of the 3D monsters that lives in Bob's basement.

The frightening Xenomorph from the 1953 Universal Pictures 3D film It Came From Outer Space.

Whatever Happened to Ro-Man? was entered in the 6th Ever 3D Movie/Video Competition sponsored by the 3D Movie Division of the Stereo Club of Southern California (SCSC) in 2009. It was also subsequently shown at the 2009 NSA Convention at Mesa Arizona as well as the July 2009 meeting of SCSC.

Ro-Man once again emerges from the historic Bronson Cave in Hollywood, California.

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